A male, who is a direct lineal descendant of a resident of the Republic of Texas prior to February 19, 1846, is eligible for membership upon submission of the appropriate SRT membership application, payment of the required fee and approval of the Historian General, Secretary General and President General. All initial and/or processing fees are non-refundable.

Types of Membership:

Junior (Under 18)
Junior members pay no annual dues, and may not vote or hold office. At age 18 they are automatically upgraded to regular membership. Applicants for junior membership pay a, one time, non-refundable processing fee of $30.
Regular (18 or Over)
Dues for regular members are $40 a year. Applicants for regular membership pay a non-refundable processing fee of $50. Their dues are waived for the current year.
Life membership, which exempts members from payment of annual dues, is open to a member of any age for a fee based on their age. Junior members shall become Life Members upon payment of $1,000.00. Regular members between the ages of 18 and 40 years shall become Life Members upon payment of $750.00. Regular members over the age of 40 years shall become Life Members upon payment of $600.00. New Applicants for life membership pay this fee in addition to a processing fee of $50.
A Regular Member, who has reached the age of seventy (70) years, who is current with his dues, and has been a Member for ten (10) years, may apply in writing to the Administrative Assistant for Senior membership. The Executive Committee, at their sole discretion is hereby authorized and empowered to grant the Senior membership. Senior Members are not required to pay annual dues.
Honorary membership is granted to a maximum of three people a year by vote of the general membership. Honorary members, who cannot be eligible by reason of lineal descent, are chosen for having rendered outstanding service to Texas by furthering the aims and goals of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.
Application for posthumous membership may be made on behalf of any deceased person who would otherwise be eligible for membership, so long as his death occurred after the founding of the SRT (March 30,1922). The $100 fee includes processing and a bronze grave marker.


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